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Every NLGC senior housing development features luxury amenities, indoors and out.

Senior Housing Development With Luxury Features

By providing high-quality services, NLGC is a leader in senior housing development

Nautical Lands General Contractors (NLGC) is focused on senior housing development designed to foster a more active, balanced life in our senior years. Part of NLGC’s vision for these adult lifestyle communities is to provide the workings for a community that will thrive on healthy living. Through decades and thousands of conversations with our residents we strive to build and provide services will make everyday living easier and more fulfilling.

Luxury Suites

Whether in condo-style apartment suites or cottage-style villas, NLGC’s senior housing developments provide comfortable homes with all the amenities needed for independent living. These amenities include:

  • full kitchens with high-quality appliances (such as a fridge, stove, and dishwasher)
  • full bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • in-suite washers and dryers
  • spacious and comfortable living areas with climate control; and
  • outdoor balconies or patios.

Health and Wellness

NLGC promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents, so quality health and wellness services are available through Paramed, our healthcare providers for the health service needs of all residents. This includes fitness, nutrition, medication, physiotherapy, and massage. Gym facilities, recreational sports, and a variety of activities are also available, at some of the properties.

Culture and Community

Shared indoor and outdoor spaces promote socialization and a sense of community at NLGC’s Wellings communities.

Indoor spaces for relaxation, either alone or with friends and family, include atriums, bistros, dining rooms, libraries, theatres, and shared rooms for get togethers. Outdoor spaces for individual and community use include courtyards, BBQ areas, dog parks, and fully landscaped gardens. These shared indoor and outdoor spaces provide residents with many opportunities to enjoy time with like-minded people.

NLGC’s senior housing development projects are also located in or near cultural centres and notable regions. Residents can explore the beautiful landscapes, shop at a local farmers’ market, visit galleries and museums, or tour local vineyards and breweries. Culture and community are an important part of NLGC’s vision for retirement living.

Food and Hospitality

Fine dining services are available through Marquise Hospitality at Wellings. Residents can enjoy a delicious home-cooked fresh dinner in the Atrium restaurant if they decide not to use their full kitchen! These meals are prepared with fresh and local ingredients to ensure a healthy and enjoyable dining experience.

Residents also have access to helpful concierge services who will keep the community updated on what’s happening in their area. If a resident is busy or not feeling well, he or she can request a staff member to run errands, such as grocery shopping.

NLGC wants only the best for its residents, and strives to provide the very best for them while being mindful of budgets. Promoting healthy, happy, and comfortable lifestyles with luxury amenities is NLGC’s top priority, as it keeps our residents as independent as possible for as long as possible.