3D printing has tremendous potential in the world of commercial construction.

3D Printing In Commercial Construction

How 3D Printing Can Adapt and Transform Commercial Construction 3D printing has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing many industries and opening the door to innovation. Though by no means a perfected technology (yet), there is tremendous potential in this exciting new technology when it comes to commercial construction. Though by no means widespread, it’s […]

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Expert building contractors should have a commitment to safety when working on retirement homes.

Building Contractors Put Safety First

Choosing Trusted Building Contractors With A Commitment To Safety With the influx of retiring baby-boomers, the development of retirement and adult lifestyle communities is in full swing. Developments are popping up across the country to accommodate this transitioning demographic. Many provinces are doing their best to keep up with this high-demand industry, so special attention […]

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Construction management involves 5 key stages that require careful planning and execution.

The Five Stages of Construction Management

How NLGC Follows a Timeline from Concept to Completion There are five key stages to any construction management project: Design, Pre-Construction, Procurement, Construction, and Owner Occupancy. Each stage is essential to keeping a project on schedule without losing sight of the big picture. Here are a few ways that Nautical Lands General Contractors (NLGC) ensures […]

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Wood frame construction is a popular option for many projects because of how versatile wood is.

The Basics Of Wood Frame Construction

Add Strength And Durability With This Lightweight, Adaptive Material Wood frame construction is easily one of the most popular construction methods in Canada; it’s common to see wood frames at nearly every construction site across the country. Wood’s popularity as a building material is undeniable, and there are a number of reasons why wood frame […]

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